Our BID covers a wide area, and seeks to interact with all people of the community. To expand our impact, we cooperate with other organizations including property owners, merchants, block associations, community gardens, schools, religious congregations, local social services, and city agencies. These partnerships support the efforts of others, while building our programs and outreach. We provide services such as


Sanitation and Maintenance


Marketing and Promotions


Business Development


Community Development




District Representation


Public Safety and Hospitality



Sidewalk Sweep: In black and gold uniforms, our crew pushes yellow barrels and makes morning sidewalk sweeps of the District all year-round from 6:30am to 10:30am. They are encouraged to be observant and often report problems that they encounter. We provide trash bags to businesses willing to monitor and replace full corner trash cans. We also provide interested businesses with black plastic cans with our logo and our bags for use outside mid-block stores to relieve over-filled corner cans. In addition, we

  Remove posters and graffiti from public street furniture
  Remove hanging debris from trees, light poles and wires.
  Pick up litter from the tree pits





Events Calendar: The monthly calendar lists local events and activities contributed by merchants, schools, the library, youth groups, religious congregations, and the parks. We print and distribute 10,000 calendars per month to merchants, various institutions, the area hostels, and doorman buildings in the neighborhood. The Events Calendar has become a major program and a signature piece of the BID. Check out our EVENT Calendar!

Holiday Wish List: The multi-page Holiday Wish List booklet offers a description of over 20 non-profit service organizations working in the area and provides contact information for the public as well as a chance for the agencies to request items that they need during the holiday season. Check out the Holiday Wish list!

Website and Social Media: We include all businesses, ranging from restaurants to barber shops, within our District in our website’s business directories. We also promote businesses within our District of promotions, neighborhood events, and news from Facebook and Twitter.



Bloomingdale Restaurants Association: We work with local restaurants between 96th and 110th Streets to create Bloomingdale Restaurants. To that end, we have sponsored three Taste of Bloomingdale: Flavors of the World events and have launched a new website highlighting some of the 100+ restaurants in this area. Learn more at

Commercial Vacancy Listings: There is increasing interest in commercial space in our neighborhood. We have frequent inquiries, and maintain on accurate listing of available stores (with size, price, and contact information) for brokers or interested parties. We are interested in attracting businesses to the district. In particular, we are seeking restaurants, antique stores, resale shops and craft stores. We encourage businesses to offer classes to draw people into the area, supporting all merchants.





Historical Tours & Neighborhood History Group: The Manhattan Valley Historical Tour, sponsored by the BID and presented by Jim Mackin, has been very well received as we talk people to learn about our district.

Bloomingdale Family Days Festivals: We organize and host Weekend Walks on Columbus or Amsterdam Avenues every summer and fall in partnership with Department of Transportation. The events feature music, performances, kid’s activities, local and citywide organizations, and Flavor of the World. Check out more information about Bloomingdale Family Days!



Flower Planting: Every year we plant several thousand high quality flowering bulbs in enclosed tree pits on Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues. We spread 10 cubic yards of compost acquired from the Department of Sanitation, as well as bags of bark chips and, after the holidays, evergreen branches.

Trees Care and Tree Guard Maintenance: Well-cared-for trees lining the avenues and streets are a source of community pride and attract pedestrians and shoppers. We now have more than 150 tree guards on Columbus and Amsterdam. Their design has garnered praise from those in the community as well as Parks Department staff and other community organizations. With property owner permission, we hope to fill in gaps in our tree covers with trees.

Holiday Lighting: Each year, the BID installs snowflake holiday lighting displays on light poles in November, which stay lit until the end of February. We encourage merchants and residents to add their own festive lighting to storefronts, windows and fire escapes.

Art Installations

Graffiti Removal Program: We have painted over 250 gates a distinctive coppery-green patina with a dark green trim. The pale color reflects light and lessens dark spots while softening the industrial look of the metal gates. The project was expanded to include some masonry walls, where permission was granted.





We facilitate communication between city agencies and our various constituencies is an ongoing activity. Some of the agencies we are regularly in contact with include the following:

  Department of Sanitation, to act on garbage or recycling pick-up problems, unusual garbage, or special concerns such as dog excrement or automotive oil waste.
  Department of Parks and Recreation, regarding park activities and to request new trees.
  Department of Transportation, regarding upkeep of the streets and street lighting program.



Neighborhood Security: We participate in regular meetings hosted by the Westside Crime Prevention Program, along with the 24th Precinct, Manhattan North Narcotics, and the District Attorney’s Office. These meetings provide an opportunity for property owners, merchants and residents to voice concerns and discuss specific problems.