Judith Norell is the owner of Silver Moon Bakery, which opened in 2000 on Broadway and 105th Street with the support and encouragement of her partner, Georgia Stamoulis.  Their breads, pastries, and cakes are all prepared on premises, and are sold both to retail customers and local restaurants. They use a wide variety of highest quality ingredients, specialty grains and flours.

Judith is a small business wonder woman because she has become an integral part of the neighborhood and strives to uphold the quality and standards of the bakery.  Silver Moon is treasured in the neighborhood, as customers come distances and wait in line to try their tasty goods.  Judith is proud of the friendly atmosphere they’re established among employees and customers, and knows many customers by.  She has also provided staff with opportunities for advancement and learning.  It is a passion for her to “remain a real neighborhood, hand-made, artisanal bakery in a time of corporate expansion and greed.”

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Silver Moon has been offering delivery within a 10 block radius to the elderly and the infirm. Besides their regular cake, pastry, and bread products, Silver Moon makes special cakes for special occasions, presentation challahs up to 10 pounds, and special foods for all the known holidays.  Silver Moon currently has 26 employees.


Silver Moon Bakery

2740 Broadway

(212) 866-4717

Instagram: @silvermoonbakery