Noemi Cabrera owns and runs SLN Cleaners, a dry cleaning business. Cabrera immigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador when she was 18 years old, and for the past 25 years has been working hard in the Columbus Avenue community. She bought her small business on the corner of West 108th St.  in 2001, and since then has “taught [herself] the business and [has] adapted to all types of [economic] situations, such as [the COVID-19] pandemic.”

Noemi Cabrera is a small business wonder woman because she is a strong woman of color who “immediately started working” upon immigrating to the U.S. and has “worked hard since then.” She also credits her family and her independence in making her a strong woman and business owner.  Her daughter, Selene, has stepped in to help and provide support during these trying times. Cabrera is proud of her two employees, who with her run all aspects of the business. She is proud that her business has always been run “mostly by hard working women.  SLN Cleaners is working hard to continue providing dry cleaning, making deliveries, and providing laundry service and expert tailoring.  All of their services are done solely by strong women of color.”  Although they are working at reduced hours, their bright and well-kept business is still open to the community, providing much appreciated services.
SLN Cleaners
981 Columbus
(212) 280-5078