Jane Qiu owns Suma Sushi, a Japanese restaurant. Jane and her husband took over the business in 2005, and have since worked tirelessly through difficult circumstances to provide a high quality dining experience for the Bloomingdale neighborhood. Just ten days after opening, a fire broke out in the same building as Suma Sushi and Jane was forced to close her business for half a year. With hard work and dedication to her business, Jane reopened in March 2006 and is now celebrating 15 years of Suma Sushi.

Jane Qiu is a small business wonder woman because although her job is tough, “especially because [she] also had to take care of [her] family… [she] had to find a balance so that [she] could run the business smoothly while also watching over [her] kids. It was very hard but thanks to [Suma Sushi’s] customers and employees, [she] was able to handle it well.” Jane’s business is a staple of the community, especially as it is a college neighborhood with customers that “grow with [her business] and become [her] regulars.”

Suma Sushi currently has seven employees, all of whom Jane considers family. She expresses how reliable they are, and how her employees and customers alike have always been incredibly supportive of her business.


Suma Sushi

964 Amsterdam Ave.

(212) 280-5858