Glenda Sansone is the owner of two restaurants in the neighborhood: The Ellington (105th & Broadway.), and Ellington in the Park. Glenda moved to the Upper West Side with her family in 2011, and opened the Ellington in 2013 on the same day her second child Jack was born. In 2014, she opened Ellington in the Park, which is a second location inside Riverside Park that operates seasonally.  This restaurant beautifully overlooks the Hudson and Traveling rings beach and is located across from the 105th street dog run, between the 103rd st and 108th street entrance.  

Glenda Sansone is a small-business wonder woman because she juggles “mom duties and boss duties, always with a smile on [her] face.” She works hard to make time for her family, her friends, and for herself, all while running her business and creating a valuable dining experience.

Between the two restaurants, Glenda Sansone has 60+ employees. These attractively maintained locations are great meeting places and contribute to the lively energy of the neighborhood.  The Ellington is under construction at the moment and will open at it’s new location 2745 Broadway (W105) in the next few months, Ellington in the Park will open for the season in early April.

Find Glenda’s restaurants on Instagram @theellington and @ellingtoninthepark.