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The Dominican Method of Praying the Rosary Originally “Our Lady’s Psalter,” the Rosary begins in a way parallel to the Divine Office. I nspired by the Holy Spirit, instructed by the Blessed Virgin as well as by his own experience, Saint Dominic preached the Rosary for the rest of his life. The Holy Rosary is an ancient form of prayer in the Church that dates back to the early Middle Ages. 12. The history of the Rosary. Each mystery is called a decade and each set of mysteries is5 called a chaplet . The Joyful Mysteries 1. The Birth of Jesus (Luke 2:1-21) 4. Divine Jesus, we offer you the Rosary that we are going to pray to contemplate the mysteries of our Redemption. The following resources are meant to foster this process. Method of Reciting The Rosary Rosary Indulgences The 15 Promises Links Contact The Mystical City of God (Book Online) The Mystical City of God: Life of the Virgin Mother of God, manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda, 1602-1666 - Imprimatur H. J. Alerding, Bishop of Fort Wayne. Pray from the heart. This long-familiar prayer, which engages our minds, our hearts, and our bodies, is a means of deepening our relationship with her who is both our mother and protector. Pray for us, O holy … THE MYSTERIES OF THE HOLY ROSARY. Taken from How To Pray The Rosary, at Holy Cross Family Ministries. He says the first part of the prayer (up to the asterisk *). HEALING ROSARY FOR FAMILIES Prayer to the Holy Family: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in you we contemplate the splendour of true love; to you we turn with trust. The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple at Jerusalem (Luke 2:22-38) 5. Have you subscribed yet? Attributing this success to … Although a decade is 10, these 12 prayers form a decade of the rosary. — Our Lady of Fatima 1917 Begin with a moment of silence, placing yourself in the presence of God. For each mystery, pray 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, and 1 Glory Be. Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we may imitate what they contain and obtain what they promise, through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen. Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord. How Do I Pray The Rosary. Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that our families too may be places of communion and prayer, authentic schools … To do this a word or two is added to each Hail Mary of the decade reminding us of the mystery we are celebrating. The Holy Rosary is considered a perfect prayer because within it lies the awesome story of our salvation. Within the Holy Rosary lies the awesome story of our salvation. Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord. V. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. THE ANNUNCIATION Luke 1,26-38. 2. THE HOLY ROSARY Hilary J. Carpenter, O.P HOW TO SAY THE ROSARY THE Rosary is a combination of Vocal Prayers and Meditation that is to say, certain simple prayers are recited with the lips while the mind is fixed on particular given incidents in the life and death of Our Lord and of His Mother. While the hands and lips are occupied with the prayers, the mind meditates on the mysteries of the Incarnation and Redemption represented by the decades. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 four more times to finish the next four decades. Pope John XXIII spoke 38 times about our Lady and the Rosary… We upload a new prayer video every Saturday morning! R. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Amen. 14. Grant that, through the intercession of Mary, your Blessed Mother, to whom we are addressing, we obtain the necessary graces to pray well and win the indulgences of this holy devotion. He poured into these pages an example of his way of meditating the mysteries of the life of Jesus and Mary, and of reciting the Rosary. V. O Lord, open my lips. Holy Love Ministries 37137 Butternut Ridge Road North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440-327-8006 Website: p. 2 PRAYING THE ROSARY OF THE UNBORN When we pray the Rosary of the Unborn, we are asked by Heaven to: 1. This addition follows the name of Jesus in the middle of the Hail Mary: and blessed is the SAY THESE PRAYERS… IN THE NAME of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Videos and prayer resources. Put out of your mind the concerns and anxieties of the day. Then, pray the Apostles’ Creed . The Secret of the Rosary eBook can be downloaded free of charge from Virgo Sacrata library: The Secret Of The Rosary download PDF file. Amen. The Holy Rosary Objective: We, as Catholics, know and understand that the Mass is the most powerful prayer since Jesus commanded us to “do this in memory of me”. of the Holy Rosary – especially, the Rosary of the Unborn – and how closely it is associated with Our Lady of the Rosary, who we honor also on this feast day. The Annunciation of Gabriel to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-38) 2. The rosary ends with the Hail Holy Queen prayer imploring Mary’s help in her role in God’s plan. It is a simple prayer, humble so much like Mary. O Most Holy Rosary, the incense kindled by Mary Most Holy, you are the fragrance mixed by Her with the art of master, because the Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous and Glorious Mysteries raise a fragrant cloud of the prayer. Holy Rosary and a method of restraining our imagination and lessening distractions. The Visitation of Virgin Mary to Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-56) 3. Second bead: He preached it by his example as well as by his sermons, in cities and in country places, to people of high station and low, before scholars and the uneducated, to Catholics and to heretics. The Holy Rosary. 13. Many Catholics add the Fatima Prayer after the Glory Be and before the next Our Father: O My Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy. Rosary. Each mystery is an event in salvation history. Then, after making your intentions: 1. With the Rosary we meditate the mysteries of joy, of sorrow and the glory of Jesus and Mary. Amen. Queen of the most holy Rosary, Queen of families, Queen of peace. It is a prayer we can all say together with (Make the sign of the cross on your Through this meditative prayer, we join our prayers with those of the Blessed Virgin Mary in asking God for what we need. 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