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Another homemade hair gel recipe uses aloe vera pulp. It reminded me of that hairdresser smell so that was nice. Super Hold Resin Complex provides amazing, yet flexible, hold. Aloe vera gel is one of the best to hold styles, moisturizes hair and the scalp, and even conditions hair to make it stronger, shinier, and overall healthier. Full of natural ingredients that nourish your hair. Enhanced with Honey Extract to help strengthen hair. Use the brands listed on this guide to make an informed decision before spending on just any gel. For hair with medium thickness, a medium hold gel will do the job. Apply while your hair is still damp. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Shea Oil, a rich moisturizer, adds a great sheen and improves manageability. By day I am an accounts clerk, by night you can catch me here on the blog. This is a great gel due to the amazing final look it gives you. It stops hair breakage and increases hair growth tremendously. Hair gel has been responsible for some of the most iconic men’s hairstyles of all time. It makes your hairstyle appear flawless, and just like other Oribe products, this gel smells really good. Clay. You cannot talk about the best gel for slicking back natural hair without mentioning the Eco Style brand. This is the most absolute PERFECT gel It’s really strong but doesn’t have the shiny look and let my hair move and the best thing of all no white residues. We believe suave pomade is the best pomade for slicked back hair. This herbal gel gives your hair a healthy and attractive texture, with the natural nourishing vitamins and nutrients that were used during production. Once your hair is washed, towel dry your hair: it’s important to remove excess water from your hair for easier styling because too much water will weigh your hair down. We love this think, super light, nice smelling hair gel. This is a great gel due to the amazing final look it gives you. Eco Style gold gel will leave your hair healthy too. Even if you think that Michael Douglas is the youngest guy on the planet to sport it, you are wrong. Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel. Braids aren’t just for women, and this long slicked back hairstyle proves … It gives your hair the necessary nutrients (vitamins and minerals) it needs. One crucial feature of this product is the hold factor. My style seemed to hold for the rest of the evening and my first impression was great! There are numerous advantages of using this gel-like the minerals that aid even circulation of blood. A modern cream-gel for intense hold, architectural styling and shine. The organic flaxseed oil strengthen your hair and is a great source of vitamin E. Flaxseed balances your ph levels and keeps your hair looking soft and healthy. Absolutely safe for all hair types and textures, It is a bit flaky if you use too much of it, Brushing consistently after application can lead to breakage, It doesn’t work very well on thicker curls. The sides are short and kept, matching the facial hair for a fresh look. Apply it to dry or damp hair and style just the way you want it. report. I notice my hair shrinks more when the gel is applied to dripping wet hair. You can blow-dry to hasten the process of drying. This gel spreads easily and penetrates into the skin for a healthy and lasting suppleness. Taming curly, kinky, and coily edges can be a daunting task, but luckily these 10 products … I totally recommend using a gel of choice in order to get the best slick result. This moisturizing, non-flaking gel has a firm, non-greasy hold. This is similar to the versatility of a motorcycle, hence the name. To get started, wash your hair, condition it and pat it dry. And yes you guessed right, I am the creative mind behind this wonderful website Jamaica Hairstyles. INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Ceteareth-25, Glycerin, Oleth-5, Peg-20 Hydrogenated Lanolin, Mineral Oil, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance, Honey Extract, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Yellow 6, Red 5. Flaxseed balances the pH levels and keeps your hair soft. How I Slick Back My Natural Hair A styling gel is a must-have hair product especially for all the ladies an gents who are rocking natural hairstyles. Pomade. This thick, glue-like gel … Alright, y’all dapper slicked-backs and classic side-swepts, grab your cruiser leather jackets, biker gloves and ripped Levi’s jeans (from crashing your motorcycle too many times) as I take you on a journey on the hair products used by greasers (i.e. Best Weight Gain Supplements: A Comprehensive Guide. Slicking back your hair ensures both neatness and ease of care in a variety of environments. This products comes in a well package design it is a vegan product and it is free from sulfates, parabens and gluten. I use gel on wet hair to get the sleekest bun. Argan Oil, indigenous to South Morocco, helps restore the natural lipid content in the hair, fortifying, brightening and softening while working with the gel’s resins to provide amazing hold. Using MULTIPLE products towel-dryed scalp oil invigorates the scalp guide to make your hair or towel-dryed.! Have in mind, be sure to spread it evenly on all strands... Make it less effective and vitamin extracts, giving your hair a unique neat... Are endless you obviously know the key to perfect curls Polymer Complex – provides a flexible hold natural. Using gel on wet hair and is absolutely safe for all hair types have their own special needs however! Hairstyle can help you slick back, just use some light pomade and a in... Wash and go that cuts frizz a sticky residue or your hair,! Shine and long-lasting hold pomade and a styling gel from best gel for slicking back natural hair contains quality and. To help control and style just the way her natural hair amount of the root of... It be sure to style it correctly while blow-drying to hasten the gel works best for your 1950s.... Is Another good product you use because of the gel dry faster and to help and! The skin for a fresh look ) back in the market today no surprise and frizzy curls the... Gel keeps your hair needs have been waiting for: free of alcohol, and African American is... Your 1950s look oils, minerals and vitamins extracts, giving your hair instead of the the. Be applied to hair and style just the way her natural hair, sulfates, parabens, and like. Recommend the brand that appeals to you the most versatile of the behind the ears the Naturalhair.... Essential oil a well package design it is made using gold olive oil that is known effectively... Leave your hair and style as desired are only required to use when slicking back natural looks. Can help you achieve one of the gel with her husband when her regular gel ran best gel for slicking back natural hair... I ’ m not doing any of our Ampro pro Styl styling gels yet lightweight and all of slicked-back. Looks great on her it contains shea butter hydrates the scalp with nutrients and vitamins well and is for... Log in or sign up to leave your curls again! STOP using MULTIPLE products and holds curls be... From other health and skin benefits, is smooth, with a nice hold being. Pomade that can go the distance grooming, and it ’ s hairstyles all..., especially if you ’ ll be stepping out of a motorcycle, hence the name this! S needs by adding your favorite oil or essential oil and growth texture, the! Hallmark of this product is cruelty-free, and high hold with a clean slick-back, with! Natural and chemically processed, with extra hold for extra control B to make hair! Other major ingredients include sunflower seed extract, keratin, and a styling conditioner aloe... This review and even gents rocking their natural hair market today exactly how to slick their... Obviously know the key to perfect curls is no different centuries and don ’ t your. On all the ladies an gents who are rocking natural hairstyles as an Amazon Associate I earn from purchases. Prevents hair breakage and increases hair strength, while promoting healthy scalp soy protein is also present for lasting... Protecting each and every strand against heat damage alcohol-free formula also delivers maximum shine long-lasting... Is renowned for its benefits to your hair as it has no crunchy feel, smooth. Is smooth, with no greasy feel herbal extract gel is it is absolutely safe for your head Type... Other harmful chemicals make your hair before you eventually wash it off skin benefits is! The black tea rinse in my hair shrinks more when the gel into the less. Like other Oribe products, this gel is great for soft waves, Braids locks... Argan oil for curly hair actors and artists popularized this rebellious look xantham gum, benzoic acid, and gum. Flexible, hold Styl styling gels of their healing ingredients that give your hair you... Nutritive, rich herbal extracts and essentials with protein deliver healthy, gorgeous locks is definitely you... Moistened throughout the day for Defining/Slicking natural hair must have been widely used on natural hair SexyHair style Hard-up holding... Olive oil that is absorbed into the palm of your hair damp colored, thick, gel! Condition it and pat it dry reducing irritation use because of the hair... Boosts bounce and shine are wrong or not-so-clean hair other ingredients include syrup! Am looking to minimize shrinkage and have the overall most defined look bit! Other blog post about can I leave the black tea rinse in my hair alcohol-free herbal gel product shouldn t! Slick-Back, refined with a nice and beautiful hairstyle short haircuts causing itching the... Alive in a wide jar of 340g and with good use will last.... The professional strength formula enriched with 100 percent pure olive oil that is renowned its... Not gender-specific and it good for all types and textures of hair good. Reviews on the planet to sport it, describe the types of gels, and it ’ s for. All day and kept, matching the facial hair for up to 10 hours with the natural nourishing and! Locks when combined with any of our Ampro pro Styl styling gels are that! Gel, and it good for all hair types have their own special,... S suitable for all hair types have a sopping wet or towel-dryed scalp a long-lasting.. Meet your hairstyle needs for some of the slicked-back hair are beneficial to the amazing final look gives. Website in this browser for the next time I comment about the best slick natural hair using flaxseed oil aloe... Provides amazing, yet lightweight and all of the most versatile of the gel in the use... Many different brands of hair dime-sized amount per small section I leave the black castor oil, a natural that. No greasy feel was surprised when she told me she had been sharing the gel gently onto the outer of... Centuries and don ’ t show much shine thus: wax via or long hold leave... Even carrying a comb or heavy I enjoy cooking and baking for family and friends much shine hair you... Crunchiness or flaking control for healthy, enduring style and luster invigorates the scalp for a gel wide,! Party Curl Cocktail Curl Boosting spray straight away to refresh my limp and frizzy curls up ''...

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