role of pharmacist in distribution setup in pakistan

The principles of “Beauchamp and Childress Ethics” theory including autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice were selected as the main principles. (Distribution Setup) Lahore, Pakistan 319 connections. Many pharmacists sell their licenses in return of small cash which is paid to them on yearly basis. The first drug stores in the world were established in Arabic world (Baghdad 754). Join to Connect Magns Pharmaceuticals. ession has expanded significantly in terms of, other health care providers. Salaries range from 49,100 PKR (lowest) to 160,000 PKR (highest).. The paradigm shift for pharmacy practice, took turn in 1990, when Hepler and Strand introduced, the term "pharmaceutical care" [6]. The Study confirms that UER is significantly and positively related to EH. Each differentiation by itself brings certain improvement and upgrading but at any level, this happens only when proper conditions are met. It is strategically located along the, ancient trade route between Asia and Europe[27]. There is another trend in the market of medicines that is the sale and purchase of licenses. Common antibiotic dispensing practices included; dispensing without prescription, without asking for a brief clinical history of patients, without clear explanation of the appropriate way of administering, without advising on the side effects. that can help improve the health care system. The review of published studies on the pharmacistpatient communication showed that pharmacist-patient communication is one-way and there is no interactive and collaborative process between them [35], ... Pharmacy practice in Pakistan and Nepal has been focused on the pharmaceutical industry. It is also responsible for registration of phar-, macy graduates and issuing the license permitting them to, practice in the country. Some 2587 pharmacists have, graduated every year. JPPCM publishes four issues per year devoted to research and review articles in the field of pharmacy practice, community medicine and related discipline of health sciences. living below the national poverty line[30]. 12 Hospital pharmacists face significant barriers in providing quality, clinically focused pharmacy services due to the scarcity of pharmacists in hospitals; they are focused on traditional … It goes without saying that the expertise and capabilities of a pharmacist graduated from Pakistani universities are not up to the international standards because of weak educational system. Among the, total number of pharmacists in Pakistan, approximately, 55% are engaged in the production of pharmaceuticals –, 15% of them working at the federal and provincial drug, control authority and hospital pharmacy level – with. The fact is they are drugs experts sans whom the public health would shatter. He is responsible for the: Research and development of new medicines. Ini Hospital Pharmacy: The objective is to educate the students about the real role of a pharmacist in Hospital along with the roles that he is required to play in the distribution, storage and purchase of drugs in hospital. Very few people would care about drug compliance. Little information is available for reasons underlying such behaviors. We surveyed health care workers and a community population sample regarding knowledge and use of available drugs. A combination of both forms of data can provide the most complete analysis of the issues related to the pharmacy practice research. An overview of the health care system in Pakistan, Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP) in Community Pharmacies (CPs), Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine (, Evaluation of Antibiotics Prescribing Pattern in Aden, Time for Pharmacists to Accept Their Role in Community Pharmacy: Pakistan Perspective, The role of pharmacists in developing countries.pdf. In 2004/05. and used. In contrast to the developed world, pharmacists in devel-. Some 12,000 deaths and 15,000 hospitalizations due to adverse drug reactions (ADRs) were reported to the FDA in 1987, and many went unreported. RSS Draws Inspiration from the Nazi Party. In the last decade, pharmacy profession had transformed tremendously in terms of health and pharmaceutical service provision to both patients and general population. In Pakistan, traditional healthcare facilities and services have been corrupted by many selfseekers and corrupt elements of the society such as fake/mafia doctors, hospitals, clinics, and medicine (Ahmed & Shaikh, 2008). Many hospitals hire a fresh graduate as a trainee pharmacist for salaries around Rs.10, 000 to Rs.12, 000 a month. Background: Antibiotics are the most frequently used medicines worldwide with most of the countries defining these as prescription-only medicines. Conclusions: The practices of non-prescribed antibiotic dispensing characterize the ‘daily life’ of the pharmacists. As one of the most pop-, ulous countries in the world, Pakistan faces enormous, economic and social crises. The role of Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee and the advantages of small scale manufacturing in hospital need to be highlighted. Selain itu, layanan mereka difokuskan pada manajemen lebih dari sekedar terhadap pelanggan. There are several rea-, sons for the lack of recognition of the pharmacy profes-, sion in Pakistan, such as the lack of pharmacists in public, health services and the lack of pharmacists in community, pharmacies [46], which leads to the lack of community-, The lack of recognition by other health professionals of, the pharmacist's role in the health care system is due to, their lack of interaction with pharmacists, as most of the, pharmacy institutions in Pakistan exist without an, attached hospital where pharmacy students can acquire, basic clinical knowledge. Social Aspects of Pharmacy and community medicine It will be necessary to set new practice standards, establish cooperative relationships with other health-care professions, and determine strategies for marketing pharmaceutical care. Conclusion: The findings suggest that hospital pharmacists in Pakistan do have concerns about their present professional roles and face significant barriers with regards to increasing their involvement in clinical services. The policymakers in the healthcare system should emphasize patient independence, patient privacy, and patient-centered services. After data analysis, 8 main categories and 26 subcategories were obtained. The pharmacist also has an advocacy responsibility with respect to decisions and policies about the use of drug-related devices as they affect drug therapy. However, now the situation has terribly changed with a sharp decline in the price tags of digital gadgets and their accessories. Methods: This qualitative content analysis was conducted in Kerman in 2018. The present study aimed to determine the challenges of ethical behaviors based on a principles-based approach in the area of drug supply in pharmacies. So pharmacist must know the compliance parameters of the practices. Here you can see the salaries of pharmacists in different institutions in Pakistan. An increase in health demands, with a complex range of, chronic medicines and poor adherence to prescribed med-, icines, has forced pharmacists to take a patient-centered, approach [5]. Within the context of this definition, health care, providers play a major role in striving for health in a pop-, ulation. Notwithstanding, they are costly The profession is still under, continuous transition. Exclusion criteria include having less than 3 years of work experience in pharmacy and supervision, not willing to participate in the interview, and not participating in the interview for 3 times.

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